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Waterfall Series

A Torrent of Madness!
Just to Speculate.
Grandeur of Nature
A Wild and Free Rage,
Carving Boundaries Sublime.
Held Within Walls of Stone,
Destination Unknown.
Flowing Strong and Free.
A Force Alone to Roam,
Coaxed forward.
Not Securely Confined, but
Urged to Conform.
Allowed Space to Dance and Spin,
Leap and Spit, and Flow again.
The Stone, the Stage,
The Star, the Flow.
A Performance of Daring and Awe.
A Relentless Drive, A Need.
Plunging Forward, Gaining Speed.
A Torrent of Madness?
A Spectacular Sight to Behold!
The Greatest Show of All!
Ebb, Flow and Fall..
The Descent from above,
To Below.
Then Without Hesitation,
Continuing to Flow.
Ron Curlee
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